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We present the 1st True 8K drone film by Film Edge, created right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After 2 months of prep, 2 months of shooting, and 6 months of post-processing, we’re finally posting our Airpixel 8K Kuala Lumpur Drone Film.

With worries about the pandemic weighing on our minds, we hope this drone film sends uplifting positive vibes across the nation. We hope it can showcase the beauty of Kuala Lumpur, captured with a high dynamic range and high-resolution camera, and maybe remind us not to lose hope.

Throughout the shoot, we met countless people who shared their knowledge and techniques. We sincerely appreciate these good souls, who volunteered to lend a hand and make our work smoother in completing the film.

Special thanks to Canon Marketing Malaysia — they were the first to believe in us and back us, when we shared our project vision and objectives during our first meeting back in August 2020.

It wasn’t an easy ride throughout the entire process, but we’re so relieved that we managed to overcome all the obstacles in producing this film, with your support.

Hopefully with the kickstart of these Airpixel 8K Kuala Lumpur Drone Films, we are able to inspire many other videomakers to generate 8K films and bring more beauty into this world.

As of July 2021, in a mere 2 Months, we have gained over 47,100 organic views on Youtube.


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